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ISO9001:2015 High Level Structure en ISO14001:2015

Global Electronics geslaagd voor de auditering ISO9001:2015 High Level Structure en ISO14001:2015.


A high-quality, flexible production line and fast logistics solutions ensure that your proto is produced quickly and professionally.


After we have gone through the protofase together and your product has been successfully validated, we are also happy to help you with the further 0- and series production.


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Global Electronics Services

Design For Manufacturing

Preparation is key. This is why Global Electronics B.V. eliminates any manufacturing issues early by carrying out a thorough DFM/DFA analysis prior to production. It allows our specialists and you to realise a design that can be industrialised quickly and faultlessly at short notice.


Global Electronics supports customers in the development of new electronics. Our engineers utilise high-quality, flexible production lines and fast logistic solutions to efficiently establish custom prototype production. If required, Global Electronics can use its expertise to assemble a prototype fit for validation within five days.

PCB Production

Global Electronics routinely allocates part of its machinery pool to fast circuit board delivery. This means short-term capacity is always available for assembly of a batch of protos or a small serial line of PCBs. Global Electronics’ PCB Service comprises – among other things – the assembly, soldering and validating of various components.


We are always keen to fulfil all our customers`s wishes and requirements. This means that the Global Electronics specialists are also happy to offer support with the distribution of an end product. As such, we offer various options, varying from order intake and packaging to stock management and (worldwide) product shipping.

Smart Order Process

  • It starts with an idea

  • Use our front-end engineers PCB Configurator

  • The best calculation and pricing by smart tools

  • We set up a Virtual Private Production Line



  • 100% Fulfilled

Our frontend- en salesengineers are ready for you!