Digital and smart industrial transformation for SMEs

graduate intern assignment | 17 Augustus 2021

Industry 4.0 is changing manufacturing drastically. Industry 4.0 enables mass customization, with high value and cost effective manufacturing. Dutch high-tech manufacturers, particularly SMEs, know the benefits but have still challenges to transform their factories into factories of the future.

Yet, this requires drastic changes in production planning, scheduling, inventory and maintenance planning as well as investment decisions in key technologies (e.g., IIOT, vertical and horizontal integration, AI, big data, cloud, digital twin, sensors, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, autonomous robots, cybersecurity, see Bibby and Dehe, 2018 and Alcácer and Cruz-Machado, 2019) to enable digital transformation. This also requires organization changes (standardization, collaboration with customers and suppliers, employees and organizational culture).

Global Electronics is an SME and looking for a thorough analysis and roadmap to make changes that will facilitate them to be a pioneer in their market. The company has set up an assignment to identify the  needs  and  directions  that  they  need to  make  the  transformation.  The  deliverables in  this assignment are

The deliverables in this assignment are:

Expected start: September 2021

Assistant professor: Engin Topman, University of Twente

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